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E007 Cuyabeno

Image of Cuyabeno
  • Image of Cuyabeno

4 - 5 days

From: Quito - Lago Agrio - To: Quito - Lago Agrio

All the lodges are situated on the Cuyabeno river in the Amazonian rainforest with its great Flora and Fauna. Here you can observe monkeys, butterflies, birds, dolphins, caimans, palm trees and many other things. You arrive by motorized canoe on the river Cuyabeno.

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Days of the tour

Image of Day 1

Arrival & Big Lagoon & Night walk

Arrival from Quito. Breakfast at the Hotel de Mario in Lago Agrio. After a 2-hours-trip by bus to El Puente (The Bridge) we continue our trip by canoe on the river Cuyabeno to our Lodge. During the 2-hours-drive you have the opportunity to get the first impressions of the tropical rainforest with its beautiful flora and fauna, the butterflies, the birds, the different species of monkeys, dolphins and palm trees. In the evening we go to the Big Lagoon where we have the possibility to swim. Afterwards we start a little tour into the rainforest to observe the nocturnal animals. Back to our Lodge. Dinner.

Image of Day 2

Jungle hike & Fishing for Piranhas

Breakfast. We go on a little hike through the rainforest. Our guide explains us the function of different plants and we have the possibility to observe some animals. After that we paddle in our canoe back to our Lodge. Lunch. Time to relax. In the afternoon we go to fish for some piranhas. Afterwards we have the opportunity to swim in the Big Lagoon. After enjoying the beautiful sunset we look for some caimans. Return to our Lodge. Dinner.

Image of Day 3

Visit to the tribe of the Siona

Breakfast. We go on a little hike through the rainforest to the tribe of the Siona. A Shaman, an important spiritual personality of the tribe, explains us everything about the rituals and his function for the people of the tribe. After a little walk through the valley, we drive by canoe to another valley where a native woman shows us how to make bread out of the yucca. Return to our Lodge. Dinner.

Image of Day 4


Early in the morning we go by canoe down the river to observe birds and monkeys. Return to our Lodge. Breakfast. By canoe we go back to El Puente – by bus: Lago Agrio – Quito.